We take the best fruit, employ the best people and then use the best technology to produce fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and purees that are among the finest in the world.

Product Offering

Process 1: Clear Juice Concentrates

This is a transparent liquid, produced from mature fruit and vegetables with no added colorants, additives, flavouring or preservatives. The clear juice concentrates are clarified through ultra-filtration, concentrated up to 70°Brix and pasteurised. The product is thick in consistency with a typical fruit or vegetable taste. The typical application of clear juice concentrates are as a sweetener and to provide volume to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The primary benefit of this highly concentrated product is to save on logistic- and transport costs.

Process 2: Fruit and Vegetable Purees

Fruit and vegetables are washed and sorted before being crushed (milled), then the pulp is refined, sterilised and concentrated to produce a viscous aseptic puree. The puree can be concentrated up to 32°Brix. The product is entirely natural with no added colorants and flavourings. These puree products provide substance/body in flavour to the applications that it is used for. It forms the base for beverages, baby foods, fruit snacks, etc.

Process 3 Cloudy Juice Concentrates

With this process we produce a premium quality juice concentrate with no addition of any colorants, flavouring or preservatives. Cloudy juice concentrate differs from Clear juice concentrate in that it is less filtered and more cloudy/hazy rather than transparent. It is a viscous product containing more fibre than Clear juice concentrate and has a typical fruit or vegetable taste. Cloudy juice concentrates can be concentrated up to 65°Brix. It is typically used for premium quality fruit or vegetable juices.