Carrot Juice Cloudy Concentrate

Carrot Juice Cloudy Concentrate is an orange to orange-red liquid, produced from mature carrots. The product is produced without the addition of any colourants, flavouring or preservatives. Ascorbic acid is added to the product as a processing aid. It is a smooth viscous product containing fine carrot fibre and the product do have a typical carrot taste with no off tastes or odours. The product is entirely natural with no added colourants and flavourings.

Brix Range
  • 37° – 38° Brix


Mixed Varieties


Carrot Juice
Vegetable Juice drinks
Vegetable Nectars
Baby Food
Dried Vegetable Product
Flavouring (Spray dried and oil)


Frozen Bags in 200 Litre Open top drums with lids.